Florence Lillian {welcome}

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I started contracting around 9:30 in the evening. With my older two, I was contracting for a WHILE before they actually were born so I didn’t want to get too excited and decided it was probably time to finish packing my hospital bag. Two hours later my husband called my dad to come over. Nana and Papa arrived shortly after to stay with the boys and Justin and I headed to the hospital. We live less than a mile from the hospital, but let me just say this: Waconia streets have a LOT of potholes (yeah potholes hurt when you are in labor). We walked (if you call that walking…hobbling? weird lunging? collapsing?) up to the birth center at Ridgeview at 11:45 pm and went directly into the delivery room. Baby was ready, I was ready, nurses were ready to deliver. The doctor on call walked in and two pushes later they told us we had a daughter.
Florence Lillian arrived at 12:24 am on January 10th. She weighed in at 7 lbs, 6oz and measured 18 inches long.
We busted her out of there a day later and have been enjoying her presence in our home ever since. She is a sweet little baby, a great sleeper and a good eater. The boys adore her, the only problem we face these days is figuring out who gets to hold her.